We want to make Malmö the most diverse city in the world.

Our little big statement


What is it that actually makes Malmö, Malmö?
It is not the parks that make Malmö unique, nor is it its harbour or the creative industries. Plenty of places have all of these. What makes Malmö unique is the fact that the world has chosen to come to Malmö. Almost the entire world, actually. People from 171 out of the 193 countries recognised by the United Nations, to be precise.

No city in the world has permanent residents from all of the 193 nations.
Not London. Not New York, not even Malmö. Yet

The project little big Malmö aims to make Malmö complete.
Malmö is going to be the world’s first world city, the most diverse city in the world.
For real. The most international city of all. We need a city like that. Until now, there has never been a city where people from all countries live side by side. We often see ourselves through other people’s eyes. We become the person we were expected to be. Our identity effects all of our choices. We will all be effected by Malmö becoming the world’s most international city. When the world talks about Malmö, it affects us more than we think. We are given a new identity. Our identity becomes diversity. If it can work here, it can work everywhere.

Symbolism has never been more important.
Malmö has every chance of becoming a strong symbol.
Malmö needs the world, and the world needs a city like Malmö.
And we can’t stop thinking about how much fun it would be to be more international than New York.


The big idea is to get together to build an inclusive place where everyone’s heritage creates a better Malmö – the world’s most international city.

This is how it will happen in practical terms:
Our basic premise is that everyone who lives in Malmö represents something valuable, that diversity has a value. The idea centres on highlighting this fact and making everyone who contributes to Malmö’s diversity feel like they are a part of the project.

The project aims to turn the perception of Malmö as an multiethnic city into something globally unique and positive, we are going to transform that which is often referred to as a problem into a strength.

Our goal is to become the first city in the world that has complete un representation, with Malmö having residents of all 193 nationalities (currently we have 171,
so 23 are missing).


The project is run by Malmö’s business community and by the people of Malmö themselves, we are therefore creating the world’s first crowdfunded project for an entire cities future.

How will we succeed?
How do we get people to leave a south pacific island and move to Malmö?

We will do this by finding people and offering them one year ”soft landing into living here" by help with providing:

+ Reasonable employment fitting the applicant
+ Travel here (and naturally a return ticket if they so wish)
+ Furniture and accommodation
+ One year free regional transport
+ One year free communications services (telephone/internet)
+ A bike (we are in Malmö after all)
+ A number of cultural donations/annual cinema pass/conserts/sporting events.
+ And not least, telling them about how lovely Malmö is

All of this is donated by the business community and
crowdfunded by citizens of the world.


The Not for profit foundation Little Big Malmö has been created to ensure the transparancy of our project. It is based entirely on donations so we can be open about how the money has been spent.

Together, we can make this happen.


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