Available jobs to apply

A few of the available jobs in Malmö. Would you like to apply?

Here are the missing 22

Here is the list of nations missing to make Malmö the world's most international city.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of our answers to the most asked questions about Little Big Malmö.

Izzat from Brunei wants to move to Malmö

Might he be the first one to move to Malmö from one of the missing 24 countries?

Facts about Malmö

Here is some facts you might not have known

Why is that the best possible answer?

Why is "I live here" the best possible answer?

Whom to thank for the logo

A little big company in the south. Our biggest help

In the welcoming business

"We are in the welcome business so count Clarion in"

Partnering up with translators

"Connecting people and contributing to global understanding is what we do every day."

Our little big statement

What is it that actually makes Malmö, Malmö?