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"I have never seen snow"

Izzat from Brunei wants to move to Malmö


Izzat is a Graphic Designer and an aspiring photographer born 1988 in the capital of Brunei, Bandar seri begawan and grew up in the district Belait of Brunei. Izzat has had the chance to travel the world during his studies in Australia and Malaysia, where his crafted his graphic and art skills. He told us that his main passion is photography and image editing and how that can help expressing himself creatively.

We have talked to Izzat over the internet a few times to get to know our future neighbor a little better. A very open minded person that loves to learn and experience places as well as people.

Why does Izzat want to move to Malmö?

Izzat told us (and this shows you how honest he is) that he doesn’t know so much about our beautiful little city. Other than it’s located in the southern tip of Sweden, it’s the third largest city in Sweden and that the ”Turning Torso” is located here. This he knows since he has a Swedish friend that lives here. A friend he’s been wanting to visit for a long time. Secondly, he would also like to find a home, it is imperative for Izzat to find his own place in this world outside of Brunei in order to grow as a person.

Help us find a job for Izzat

Are you searching for someone that can work with graphic/photography? Someone who is fluent in english and malay? Or do you have a tip of a company that might be looking to hire (here in Malmö)?
For Izzat’s resumé and portfolio send us an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and mark it with ”A job for Izzat”.

Help us welcome Izzat Malmö!

Together, we can make this happen.


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