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In the welcoming business


Thanks to our goal and mission (to make Malmö the most international city in the world, if you missed that), we meet some interesting characters. One of the first meetings we had early summer 2015 was with Jens Lyckman, GM at Clarion Hotel & Congress. We are most often well prepared for every meeting with a stack of ideas. With Jens we hade to hold them in and just take notes.

“Boys we are in the welcoming business and the fact that Malmö can become the best city in the world to say that then count Clarion in.”
So we proudly count Clarion Hotel & Congress as our newest partner.

“To support Little Big Malmö is an easy choice for us at Clarion Hotel & Congress Malmö Live. Malmö lies close to our heart and we want to support the success of the city. The fact that Malmö becomes the most international city in the world is great marketing for the city. In the long run that’s good for everyone in the industry of meetings and tourism.”

-Jens Lyckman, General Manager Hotel & Congress Malmö Live

Together, we can make this happen.


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