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Little story about our image

Whom to thank for the logo


We have to tell you guys about one of the little biggest contributor of Little Big Malmö. A company called Big South. We have been fans of their work for years and to have them on board for all our graphics is a dream come true.

We had a short meeting in the beginning of the summer 2015 when we thought that we would pitch our project, then called Malmö International. In the sitting meeting we see a visualizations of the media picture of our great city. A t-shirt print that their sister company had done. We asked them to never sell another of them t-shirts and help us show the world how awesome Malmö really is. When leaving their office we changed the name of our project and we became Little Big Malmö. - And that other print has been taken of their shelves.

Why Big South helps out?

“We are passionated about Malmö and about doing fun things, by supporting Little Big Malmö we can be be a part of making Malmö even better while at the same time having a really awesome time when we do it. The creative south can never be too creative, and to have the whole world in one city is both an inspiration and an opportunity for us to find new talents that makes us even better.
Everything is better in the big south and Little Big Malmö will make it even better”

Pontus Madsen, Design Captain, Big South & Little Big Malmö

Together, we can make this happen.


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